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What our customers said
——Matthew Quinn

"These arrived promptly, are super easy to assemble, come with all the tools necessary to put them together in 10 mins. Arms, legs, back and seat. Super easy to put together. I was even able to to one complete by myself,well constructed of Polywood,Very sturdy and comfortable.Definitely was impressed with the quality and sturdiness of the chairs at a great price point. This is a great product !"

What Our Customers Said
——Michael Gleeson

“It arrived really fast and was super easy to assemble.Better qualty than expected. I had to take apart some sides as the pieces and durections aren't marked well. Door was dented but after put together, you don't notice. I love it! And with excactly the ambiance I was aiming for !”

What Our Customers Said

“I was pleasantly surprised upon opening these packages. All the holes lined up nicely. The packaging was perfect and kept everything from being damaged while in transit. So far, these rocking chairs have weathered severe storms and a heat wave and no visible damage or fading has occurred. These are made with excellent materials and quality. I would definitely buy from again.”

What Our Customers Said

“All the pieces are perfectly milled , drilled and packed.The final product looks great and is the perfect height to accompany a Adirondack chair.The table is very durable and easy to take care of. You can simply spray it off with a hose. The poly material is a bright white and looks great.All in all I'm impressed with the quality!”