How to choose the most suitable Cecarol fire pit table?

How to choose the most suitable Cecarol fire pit table?

Roast hot dogs over the bonfire, sit around a fire pit with family in summer nights, such scenes make up fond memories of most people’s childhood.

The time zips by, the quondam yards have been upgraded with more exquisite articles: fancy lamps, multi-function oven, well-designed tiles... So does the rustic fire pits.

Now there are many types of fire pit in the market: fire bowl, tabletop fire pit, hanging fire pit, among them the fire pit table is the most adaptable one for different outdoor places. Let’s have a look on how to choose the most applicable Cecarol fire pit table for your patio or yard!

Wooden Floor & Fence
For a long time, wooden floor, especially the one with anti-corrosive wood as raw material, has gradually become the first choice when people decorate outdoor space with its low price, orderly arrangement and natural appearance.

Like the wooden floor, some types of fences, also feature themselves with neatly arrayed battens or iron bars. These elements fit well with the tabletop style of this Cecarol fire pit table.
U-shaped iron bars make up the most part of the tabletop, not only does it increase the firmness, but also prettify the item with fence-like design, greatly conforming to the design consistency of most outdoor spaces.
Besides, you can also think about matching the above type of decoration with this 32 inch fire pit table, which comes with more spacious tabletop.

The tabletop of this 32” table is one-piece stamped instead of being welded, but its fence-like design is also in line with many decorations.
Rattan Furniture
Rattan furniture has the characteristics of simple but elegant color, great breathability and portability. They can provide a full-bodied country flavour, as well as the delicate and elegant taste. Therefore many people choose them to form part of the outdoor living.

Taking the suitability with these rattan furniture into consideration, we have developed this 28 inch fire pit table with rattan-like tabletop, which could be the brilliance to the present splendor of your patio or courtyard.
The stamped rattan-like tabletop is also in accordance with its side panels, making itself closer to the nature.

After reading this, you probably have got some preliminary ideas about the layout scheme of your outdoor space. Cecarol is committed to develop a series of high-quality outdoor products, if you want to know more about us, don’t forget to follow our page!

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