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Cecarol 10'x10' NO-Corrosion Louvered Pergola

Cecarol 10'x10' NO-Corrosion Louvered Pergola

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●NO-CORROSION Technology
●Precision 23 Louvers
●Louvers 0°-90° Angle Free
●Durable One-Piece Casting
●Wind Resistance of 65MPH

120''D x120''W x 96''H

Frame Material


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Item Weight

238 Pounds /Count

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Product Description

【NO CORROSION, Advanced Performance】HIGH STRENGTH ALUMINUM ALLOY FRAME&LOUVER, combined with strength STAINLESS STEEL and plastic accessories, ALL-CLIMATE powder coating, NO-CORROSION, never have worry about rusting or difficulties in A&D. 【High-Grade, Precision&Advanced】 Precise processing enables us to add up 23 louvers on the roof, while structure stabilization is guaranteed. Strong performance in water draining&waterproof, firm as a rock under terrible storm. 【Long Lasting, Durable】 One-Piece Casting for all Beams, Posts&Louvers. Bolting them up then you will never get the frame deformation. Once you've it set up, there's no need of re-positioning or maintaining intermittent. 【ANGLE-FREE of Natural Lights】Louvers lockable in ALL angle ranging 0-90, enabling you to pick your favourite brightness. Full open, glancing at the starry night, reverie. Full closed, have a drink, with surroundings out of rain, immersed. 【Concise, not Simplified】 Large covering area of 10*10ft, sheltering you up a new field outdoor, perfect place to settle sofa, tea table, beverage machines and so on. 【Acquire Your Performance SOON!】Precise producing that new installation mechanism of PRE-INSTALLED Screws, you can have your performance built hoursly, with no need of riveting&welding, and achieve wind resistance of 65MPH. 【LIGHT, not Light】Base on the physical-chemistry characteristic of Aluminum Alloy, with high performance guaranteed, we can reduce the total weight to 238LB. Low weight, high strength, achieving better stabilization performance to steel frame

············································INTRODUCING: LATEST DESIGN 23 LOUVERS PERGOLA BY CECAROL············································

SK01 A+ 1

Wanna be envy of your neighbors?

Planned to select a modern thing in yard?

Enough for straighten out out-of-date gazebos?


SK01 A+ 2

Absolutely high strength aluminum alloy frame&louver, easy to A&D, less maintaining required.

Up to 45mph wind resistance, automatic rain-draining system, ALL-CLIMATE powder coating, prime quality of pergolas&gazebos!

The only 3 points in maintaining you should do is:

1.Leaf blowing, 2.Snow cleaning, 3. Full-open louvers in hard weathers

SK01 A+ 3

···········································Seeking a shelter under sunshine, Gazing into distance in starry night·····································

······················································Enjoy your unfettered moment, Far beyond the hustle·············································

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And here’s some notifications from our warehouse&carrier:

Our package is in quantity of 4, all packed on one pallet. Shipping to you through truckload, courier will contact you to book up delivery schedule. As seller, we suggest you to receive your package personally.

For installation details:

1. We have installation instructions packed in package

2. You can find installation and trial methods on product page

3. Contact seller-customer support for more details


For maintenance details:

1. Cecarol NO-CORROSION Pergola is free of maintenance on metal parts or etc.

2. However you must clean up accumulated snow and fallen leaves, to ensure water draining system or louver driving mechanism well working.

3. Referring to notice 2, max pressure on louvers is 2.45kpa, or 250 kgf/m².

4. Louvers must be set to full-open during gale, torrential rain, heavy snow.