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Cecarol Propane Fire Table-Black

Cecarol Propane Fire Table-Black

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●Functional Diversity
●Durable Material
●Humanized Design
●Easy to Assemble
●High Performance
Colors:Classic Black

28''D x 28''W x 25''H

Frame Material


Item Shape


Item Weight

53 Pounds /Count

Product Colors

Golden Red,Black,Sliver

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Product Description

Fence-like tabletop adopts U-shaped iron bar, making it firm and matched with your patio! 【Sturdy and Stable】This 28”x28”x25” propane fire pit table weighs 53.13lbs, it adopts rust-proof black paint to cover its surface, while the sturdy steel prevents the table from cracks or small scratches. 【Easy to Assemble】By following the user manual the assembling could be pretty easy, in addition, the upgraded ignition system will not only facilitate the ignition, but also the assembling. 【High Temperature Protection】Some upgrades have been achieved on this item to make it more safe. With the heat insulation plate, now you don’t need to worry about the damage of high temperature to your skin or the cord when exchanging the gas cylinder. 【Flame-out Protection】Moreover, the added thermocouple can cut off the fuel gas inmediately once the flameout happens. 【Manually Painted Side Panels】The side panels are painted manually so that the color is even, making them reflect golden red under sunshine. 【Powerful Heating Performance】This gas fire pit table is ETL certified, the maximum heat output can reach to 50000 BTU, the 4.4lbs lava rocks included makes the flame more attractive. The ignition function has been tested multiple times to avoid any potential problem.

50,000 BTU Steel Fire Table Can be Used in All Seasons

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Do you miss your childhood with your friends around a bonfire?

Do you want to embellish the patio or courtyard with an actual game changer?

Do you need some leisure time in which you can have fun with your family and friends?

Cecarol fire pit table, with heavy-duty material, exclusive design, and concise assembly, prepares to be the solution to all the above questions.

Add Warmth and Ambience to Gatherings and Parties On Patio Deck Garden Backyard


Upgrade 32inch Propane Fire Pit Table Taking the More Comfortable Fillings

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Gas Fire Pit Table Suitable for Multiple Scenarios, Reunion of Family, Have a Chat with Parents, Kids, Friends

fire table

Ignition Steps:


  1. Turn the LP cylinder gas valve slowly to the fully open position, then press the external control knob and turn it slightly to the “on” direction, remember not to turn on the igniter at one blow. Hold it for 5 seconds so that the fuel gas will get to the ring burner and come out from the air holes on it, don't lose your hand.
  2. Start to turn the knob to the "on" position, you’ll hear a series of clicking noises, that’s because the ignition needle in the burner head is emitting the electric spark to the air hole, the combination of electric spark and LP-gas will bring the fire.


If you are trying to light the burner for the first time, please be patient to wait for 3-5 seconds after turning the knob as it requires time for the gas pipe to vent the air in it.

If you get stuck with the ignition process, please check the product as follows:

1. Check whether the electrode wire is fully inserted into the valve hole of the safety valve, if not, the electric spark wouldn’t be successfully transferred.

2. Dismount the ignition cover and check whether the ignition needle is pointed to the air hole, if not, the electric spark wouldn’t light the fuel gas.

3. Check whether the ignition needle is around 4mm away from the air hole, the distance shouldn’t be too far or too near.

Check whether the LP gas in the cylinder is almost running out, if so, the gas pressure will decrease so that it couldn’t deliver enough gas to the burner. So check your gas cylinder regularly.