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Cecarol 19.5 Round Propane Fire Pit with Free Waterproof Cover

Cecarol 19.5 Round Propane Fire Pit with Free Waterproof Cover

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●Easy to Assemble
●Sturdy and Stable
●Safety and User Friendly
●Fashionable Design

19.5''D x 19.5''W x 29''H


Magnesium oxide , steel

Item Shape


Item Weight

54lbs /Count

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Product Description

Propane Fire Pit & Waterproof cover & Lava rocks. Pulse Ignition: Ignite and extinguish flames easily. 54 pounds more stable and won't tip over. MgO+ Fiber Frame Structure: enhances and stabilizes product durability, prevents cracking, and achieves strong housing against harsh environments without rusting. Can Be a Gift: Bring warmth to family and friends. Stainless Steel Burner: Resistant to high temperature combustion. Appearance of Cylinder: novel and fashionable, more wear-resistant than cuboid.
fire pit

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If an ignition failure occurs, first open the protective cover to check whether an electric spark is generated

Reasons for no sparks

1. Check whether the ignition wire is loose or not plugged in tightly

2. Check if the battery power is sufficient

3. Check that the ignition pin is properly aligned with the air outlet

Check to see if there is any gas

1. Check whether the gas in the gas cylinder is sufficient

2. Check the pressure reducing valve for air leakage

3. If the above two conditions are guaranteed, check whether there is gas discharge from the furnace head. If not, the pressure reducing valve is faulty and needs to be replaced.

Reasons to choose us:


  • 19.5 inch is more portable and can be given to friends as a gift
  • Put it in the courtyard or garden to add a warm atmosphere to you
  • 32000BTU can provide enough heat to keep you warm
  • A must-have for decorative gardens, patios, plywood, pools
  • Easy to assemble, just screw on four bolt feet and it's ready to use
  • Mgo and fiber construction make up the outer shell to improve durability and prevent cracking.